Monday, April 22, 2013

Hearts and Dots Nail Tutorial ❤

Happy Monday!!

I was originally going to wait until Saturday for my next post, but why wait on a good thing? Today I want to share with you guys a nail tutorial I think is perfect for any occasion! 

If you are in search of the perfect nude nail polish, I have your answer! OPI's Samoan Sand is absolutely the perfect nude shade for almost all skin types. I used a contrast color for the added details. My pick was L'oreal's Violet Vixen #500. To add a pretty touch to your nude nails, I used a dotting tool add some dots to my thumb and ring finger, and using the same dotting tool, added hearts to my middle and pinky fingers, but later decided if I were to do this look again, I would only add the hearts to my middle finger and leave my pinky and ring finger completely nude (As shown in my finished image to the right).

To make the heart, I placed to dots in the center of my nail. I then used the dotting tool to connect the dots and bring it down to make the tip of the heart. Follow my images to recreate your look and let me know how this look worked for you!

Hope you are having a beautiful Spring day!


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