Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013: Must Have Nail Polish Duo! ❁

I recently purchased two new nail polishes that I absolutely love! I paired the two together, with one color on four of my fingers and a fun glitter polish on my ring finger as an accent nail.

The first color I purchased is Essie's Imported Champagne. It is a beautiful pearl color with a hint of chrome in it. It is exactly like having pearl nails! I used the Orly Halo glitter polish as an accent nail. It is a gorgeous subtle gold polish (almost a silvery gold, not a pure gold color). It goes perfectly with the pearl tone. I love buying glitter polishes for accent nails since it is a versatile thing. You can pair them with so many different colors as an accent polish! I highly recommend these two as a staple to any nail polish lovers collection :)

Have a beautiful week lovelies!

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