Monday, May 13, 2013

Q&A: Does dry shampoo really work and how?! ☀

I have been asked this oh so many times! What's the scoop on these dry shampoos that are gaining popularity lately?!

Well, I'm sure almost all of us are quite familiar with second day or even third day hair (depending on the thickness of your hair and how often you wash it). Let's admit it, at the end of day 2 or 3, our hair is not as bouncy and pretty as it was when we washed it. The oil buildup at our hair roots begins to show its effects, and that's when we throw on our favorite headband or opt for a cute updo. Wellll, how about we just add a few spritz of dry shampoo and restore the "just washed" appearance of our hair for a few more hours or another day?

How does this work you ask?

There are two types of dry shampoos on the market. There is the actual powder shampoo (which was used as a trick long ago with ladies just applying baby powder to their hair and rubbing it through). This shampoo is one you actually sprinkle into your hair and rub it through your scalp lightly. I don't prefer this one because it leaves white specks in your hair (cause who wants dandruff looking hair that was just washed...). The other type (the type I use for a quick fix) is the spray on dry shampoo. It goes on like hairspray. You add it wherever you feel oily after a good shake (shake well before EVERY spritz for best results) and then just pat it in. The way these dry shampoos work is similar to the same way they worked for ladies back in the day using baby powder...they absorb oils. It's that simple. So if you are in need for that quick fix, reach for these! 

Is it bad for you?

Well, there are chemicals in these dry shampoos, but guess what? There are chemicals in your regular shampoo too (sodium laurate sulfate being a prime culprit in most shampoos). Not to mention, washing your hair often will strip your hair of natural oils that will actually make your hair weaker and not grow as fast. Perhaps dry shampoos are onto something? Only time will tell. But for now, all I know is this is a great fix when I am on a time crunch!

Which dry shampoo should I use?

My personal favorite is Treseme Sleek and Straight Dry Shampoo. It has a nice, even mist. It doesn't leave a powder in my hair and IT WORKS! Catwalk by TIGI also makes a dry shampoo that works really well. Got2B Fat-tastic makes a collagen infused dry shampoo that really voluminizes the hair (I recommend this one too). 

So give these a try the next time you find yourself oversleeping, having a hectic day, travelling or just need that extra day to get around to washing your hair :) Have a great rest of the week!!


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